About me

Hello and thank you to whoever is reading this!

Fabricating with leather was at first a hobby, to take my mind away from things. if you want to read the gory details, you can by hitting the read more button. What I am attempting to do now is a startup based on the fabrication of items from leather. My daughter Andrina is an aspiring fashion designer and she inputs her thoughts concerning creative ideas and design on a voluntary basis.

At the start of 2021 the family consisted of my late wife, my son and daughter and myself. If my wife was alive today she would definitely be involved in some way with the startup I am attempting unfortunately we lost her at the age of only 46 to an auto-immune disease.

Basically I have a level of mental impairment due to the grief of losing her; but that should dissipate during the next 5 years or so I've been told. The thing about working with vegetable tanned leather is that you use really sharp knifes to cut the leather, so unless you want to loose fingers you really need to focus. The beauty of it , is that working with leather takes my mind off things.